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We are twins, and all our lives we have been going where others do not. Before we even realized it, we had visited nearly every single nation on the planet. We just love to go that extra mile, expand boundaries, connect with other cultures and make life an adventure. It’s enormously fun, exciting – and quite easy if you are willing to put some effort into it.

For something so much fun, travel has also become quite serious to us – especially if you consider our time consuming daytime jobs as lawyers. So serious that we are now thinking about how we can make traveling more central to our professional lives and maybe contribute to a better world.

Of course, traveling has changed how we see the planet and other people. The number of countries you can visit might be finite, but as a whole the world is without end. Today we are finding ourselves wanting to open it up for others and make new connections.

In addition to our many years of legal mediation, we feel blessed with some special powers that open unique doors for us. Obviously, we are twins. Twins somehow prompt that mixture of curiosity, recognition and sympathy that immediately breaks the ice.

Secondly, we value decency. We believe that respect, good preparation, and a bit of courtesy and style do make a difference in how others are willing to let you into their lives. It opens doors that stay closed for others.

And, last of them, we are talkers and storytellers. We think that conversation is always fun and enriching. We love to talk with everyone, make new connections and find new experiences.

Recently we visited the tiny island state of Nauru, which was our last UN-country to be visited. About what will be next, we are not sure yet. During our travels, we are seeing a need for more active international cooperation in areas such as waste, obesitas, and water management. But we could also focus on matters that are more directly related to travel.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

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